Childhood Asthma Study


Does your child have Asthma?

With the right treatment, you and your child can keep symptoms under control and prevent damage to growing lungs.

Synexus is currently looking for patients to participate in a clinical trial to compare the safety and improved efficacy of medications for the treatment of asthma in children.

This study has been approved by the Medicines Control Council and Pharma Ethics.

Between 5 and 8/9 years old
Male and female children
Paediatric Asthma

All studies have inclusion or exclusion criteria to determine suitability.

To determine whether your child may qualify to participate in the study, please complete the short questionnaire below.

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Recruiting at the following locations

Watermeyer Clinical Research Centre: Pretoria
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Stanza Clinical Research Centre: Mamelodi
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Is my child eligible for this study?

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Has your child been diagnosed with asthma?


Is your child a girl between the ages of 5 and 8; or a boy between the ages of 5 and 9?


Does your child use asthma medication?


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