Stanza Community Education Event

Stanza Community Education Event

A truly inspiring event was held at Synexus Stanza Clinical Research in Mamelodi on 25 November 2016.

General community members, current study participants and organisational stakeholders such as FPD, AIDS multi factorial  units from Tshwane Metro, representatives from clinics in the area, Stanza Community Development Centre, WBOTs and the CAB members were invited to attend the event.

The goals of this social event was to share information on clinical research, create awareness on disease prevalence, the importance of adherence /follow-up visits  and offer an opportunity for the community to engage with healthcare workers.

A general health questionnaire with Health Checks was performed on community members. This included blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checks; as well as peak flow readings to monitor respiratory health. Screening enabled us to recommend certain Educational Sessions scheduled for the day that would benefit the patient the most.

The Older Persons Choir led by Mama Agnes and the Youth Salvation Choir entertained the audience. We thank the doctors and other healthcare workers and especially the CAB members for their contribution to the success of the day.

We support the upcoming  World Aids Day on 1 December and  Diabetes Month. We applaud the community and our patients/participants  and trust that our work will help to enrich the community with health knowledge and encourage continued engagement.

Thank you for the support from the Tshwane Voice newspaper. Don’t forget to check the next issue on the 30th Novemeber. To hear a small piece of the choir performing click here for the link to the YouTube video



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