Synexus salutes you!

Synexus salutes you!

We salute and thank all the people who give the gift of clinical research participation each year!

“It is said that the greatest gift is one which is given anonymously, giving when you do not know whether you will get direct personal benefit. This is the gift that you have given by taking part in clinical research. It is a brave and selfless act. Your decision to participate may not only bring you hope but also benefits public health and advances medical knowledge.

The profound decision to participate may bring hope to the individual participating, but often it does not. The gift of participation always benefits public health and advances medical knowledge because it helps researchers and doctors learn about what works and what doesn’t work in treating illnesses and conditions.1″

Today we salute one of those special people, Mrs Lettie Petzer. 20161004_102149

We at Synexus are proud of our association with you.

For the last 7 years she has been part of the Synexus Watermeyer family, while participating in a long term study. She is about to turn 96 years old and has recently completed her participation in the trial. Her family reported that she “received good care and professional attention” as a participant in clinical research. They are astonished how her strength and her bone density has improved over the years. She recently had several falls and the family was concerned that she might have broken a hip or sustained a serious injury. But, the “Lady of Steel” was fine!

Mrs Petzer’s participation is a perfect example of leaving a legacy to future generations. A legacy of more knowledge about the condition and treatment options; more hope. Last year in Synexus SA, about 500 people took part in our approved studies.

We  thank and salute every one of you.


Medical Heroes Found in Everyday Places.1

By Ken Getz, Founder and Board Chair

Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP)



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