World TB Day 2017: Unite to End TB Now!

World TB Day 2017: Unite to End TB Now!

World TB day is an international event commemorated annually to raise TB awareness and promote strategies to eradicate TB worldwide.

World TB Day was commemorated on the 24th March 2017 at Mamelodi Hospital in Tshwane.  The event was organised by Synexus Stanza Clinical Research together with grant funders, Global TB Alliance and partnered with Mamelodi Hospital and included other stakeholders like The Department of Health (TB focal point) under HAST (HIV AIDS STI and TB) directorate. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and provide onsite screening and testing.

The event was held at Mamelodi Regional Hospital premises. Present were various speaker representatives from a wide range of stakeholders with an interest to see TB eradicated.

  • CAB Member Rev. Thobejane: Opening proceedings
  • Thoabala Clinical Executive: Welcome and purpose of the day
  • Synexus Site Manager, Annalie Brits: Importance of clinical research
  • Philemon Mahuma – Synexus CAB representative
  • Shasha: TB integration and diagnostic tools
  • TB Ex-Patient testimony
  • Matron Kekana: TB education
  • Pastor Ndanda: Closure

And other service providers spoke on various social services available to support fight against TB.

There were various stakeholders ranging from community organisations, education, university research, HIV testing, insurance industry and individuals members of the community.

Different stakeholders had stalls displaying services provided and where possible general health screening was done.

During the event, two hundred and seventeen (217) community members attended and had an opportunity to be screened and tested for various diseases.   One hundred and nineteen (119) people were screened for TB and eighteen (18) tested for HIV.

The day was fun filled with entertainment provided by audience and Mamelodi youth choir.

The event achieved its objective because community members were given general health information, TB awareness and screenings. The message by speakers focused mainly on stopping the spread of TB.


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