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Helderberg Clinical Research Centre: Somerset West

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Andrietta Greybe

Site Manager

Welcome to our Site, my name is Andrietta Greybe and I am the Associate Manager at the Helderberg Clinical Research Centre. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our patients and our clients are the focus of our attention and I trust that our upgraded facilities will accomplish our ultimate goal of ensuring optimum comfort and an enjoyable experience to you!

The Helderberg Clinical Research Centre which is a dedicated research site (DRS) has been enlarged and upgraded.  It now occupies 671 sq m on the 1st floor of 7 Arun Place, as well as 80 sq m on the ground floor of this building. It now has on-site patient engagement, 5 consultation rooms for doctors, 7 procedure rooms for nurse interaction with patients, an ECG room, a lung function lab, an enlarged dispensary for storage of Investigational Products, a dedicated sample processing lab, a meeting/ training room with AV facilities, Data Coordinator Office, a larger waiting area for patients and a dedicated monitoring room for clients.

Dr Ellis is considered an international expert in the field of diabetes and osteoporosis and is often consulted locally and internationally by pharmaceutical companies.  The Helderberg Centre has a strong track record of service performance and has completed over 150 clinical trials (including Phase 2, 3 and 4 studies). The main areas of experience include diabetes, osteoporosis, COPD, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

The Helderberg Centre is adjacent to the Vergelegen Mediclinic private hospital, a sophisticated 277-bed hospital with in-patient facilities, and provides access to accredited pathology services, comprehensive radiology services, on-site DXA and state-of-the art calibration equipment. There is a wide range of medical specialists in the adjacent buildings whom Dr Ellis frequently consults. Many of these specialists are involved in the studies as co-investigators.

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7 Arun Place
Sir Lowry's Pass Road

7130 Somerset West

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