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Stanza Clinical Research Centre: Mamelodi

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Olivia Kasselman

Site Manager

"Welcome to our Site, my name is Olivia Kasselman and I am the Associate Manager at the Synexus Stanza Clinical Research Centre. We are based in Mamelodi East. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I invite you to read more about our centre below and I look forward to welcoming you here in the near future."

Stanza is a custom-built state of the art medical research centre in the township of Mamelodi in Tshwane.  This centre was opened in 2009. Synexus SA also constructed a building, for the Stanza Bopape Community Trust, adjacent to the research centre. It is utilised as a library, service centre, training centre and an office for the social worker to serve the community. Both buildings were donated to the trust which Synexus now in turn rents from this non-profit charitable organisation.. Synexus is particular grateful for this opportunity to work with the Trust, the Primary Health Care clinics in this region and the Mamelodi community. Our commitment to clinical research allows us to contribute to affordable health care and other benefits for these communities

In 2014 Stanza was extended to include a state-of-the-art TB research wing which is equipped with an infectious diseases laboratory e.g. TB sputum collection and processing.  The other part of the facility is customized for the conduct of communicable and non-communicable diseases and hosts a large pharmacy which can accommodate large vaccine studies.

The Stanza Bopape Primary Health Care Clinic next door is a 24 hour medical facility which includes an emergency unit.

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2 Shilovhane Street
0122 Mamelodi East

0122 Pretoria

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